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About Renata Plis

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Her name was Renata Plis.


My mother was an artist, a painter and a sculptor before I was born, she studied in an art college in my small town called Koszalin on the Baltic coast in the Pomeranian region of Poland. She died when I was 3 years old, then after several years, at the age of 7 I stumbled upon some of her art tools in cupboards in my room, and I started to use those tools automatically without even thinking, although as a child oil paints were difficult to understand . I found that I was pretty good at it without any training. Then our life was turned upside down when we moved to Melbourne, Australia.

From what I know, she loved art making as I do. She would go out into nature with her younger sister Beata and they would take a lot of subject photos and ideas as she was also an accomplished black and white photographer. In fact, she setup a photo developing dark room in our little apartment in Koszalin, Poland.


My late mom studied in local Art College in Koszalin, Poland (Zespół Szkół Plastycznych im Władysława Hasiora) in the 1970's/1980's for 6 years I think. I got most of my talent from her. She just created all the time. Painting, drawing, clay, photography.


She died from a tragic accident in 1986. I know I will see her one day. In a way part of her creativity is with me. So I keep creating becuase part of her is me.


Michal Plis

Melbourne, Australia


My mom making art when she was in her teens and 20's

She was always creating like I have a need to. Even with textiles and anything she got her hands on. 

Renata Plis artworks & photography

Problem that time creates is that overtime things are lost. And during the turbulent times when she was alive most of her artworks was sold or thrown out or got lost in places. I have been searching for any artworks with the help of my aunty, Beata. Here is what I found.

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