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Hidden Becomes Visible 2023 Exhibition

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Psalm 92 v5 Sculpture
A sculpture I will be exhibiting at the Hidden Becomes Visible entitled "Psalm 92 v5"

I hope you enjoy my first solo exhibition but with with 2 other artists. But I have my own section and I'm making a UV room with about 8 paintings with ultraviolet acrylic paints. This is the first time I'm exhibiting with an opportunity kindly provided by Neil Shurgold (Gallery Manager) at the Rubicon ARI Gallery in North Melbourne.

Every UV painting listed on my description / price list (copy provided to you by the gallery) will receive a complementary portable UV torch so you can enjoy the UV version of the painting at home and share the experience with friends - the making of hidden things visible.

Further details about the exhibition are provided below.


Michal Plis


Melbourne, Australia

Exhibition Details

Part of a Group Exhibition along with Heidi Weber & Nick Berry. Michal Plis explores the interplay between visible and invisible in Hidden Becomes Visible. Through fluorescent (UV) and acrylic artworks, hidden aspects within ourselves and the world are unveiled. Learn more!

Gallery Name: Rubicon ARI Gallery

Dates: 5 - 22 July 2022

Opening Night: Wednesday 5 July 2023 6-8pm - Cost: Free - Wine served

Normal Gallery Opening Times: Wed - Sat 12pm to 5pm

(Entrance access via O-Connell St around the building, 1st floor up the staircase, front entrance is closed)

Travel by Car:

Travel by Public Transport:

  • Train & Walk: Get off at Melbourne Central Station. 9min walk from station along Elizabeth St then turn left into Queensberry St. PTV Journey planner link.

  • Train / Tram / Shorter walk: Get off at Melbourne Central Station. Catch FREE Tram 57, 19 or 59 towards Central Park Ave direction & get off at the stop 7- Queen Victoria Market on Elizabeth St then walk across Victoria St then Elizabeth then Queensberryetc. PTV Journey planner link.

Exhibition Statement

Welcome to my exhibition, "Hidden Becomes Visible," where I invite you to explore the interplay between the invisible and the visible. Just as overlooked things reveal their beauty under the right light, this collection uncovers the hidden aspects within ourselves and the world.

As a neurodiverse individual, I often feel unseen in a neurotypical world. Through this exhibition, I aim to challenge perceptions and showcase diverse perspectives. Using fluorescent and traditional acrylics, my pieces are visible in daylight, blue light, and ultra-violet blacklight, unveiling the hidden sides of nature, the universe, and ourselves.

Within these artworks, you'll encounter abstract subjects like giant space flowers and visual representations of nature and emotions. They express the mix of emotions I experience daily, capturing movement that mirrors the universe's continuous forward motion.

Join me on this artistic journey, where the visible merges with the invisible, and the extraordinary emerges from the ordinary.

When you enter the UV room you will notice the light will change from daylight to ultraviolet light to experience the transition.

Exhibition Highlights

5 July 2023 - Opening Night - Out of the 14 pieces (13 paintings and 1 sculpture) I sold 2 paintings (items numbered 4 and 8).

6 July 2023 - We sold sculpture item 1

As at 19 July 2023 well over 50 people have seen my exhorted artworks and the UV Room.

Private viewings were held a number of times including 14th & 21 of July 2023

6 major newspapers were send news tips about the exhibition and Michal but to date nobody has written about it.

A number of organisations including Image Science, OnSide and others have shared the exhibition with their viewers.

Media Gallery

This includes photos of the UV Room.


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Regards, Michal Plis 5/09/2023 

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