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Graphic fine art

Crelian Space flower - Michal Plis.jpg

Paintings, drawings & digital art

This series explores flowers close up and combines them with science fiction flowers lifecycle in space. It uses UV paint to create daylight & blue/UV ligth effects.

Happiness permeating pain - 1 - Michal Plis - in Daylight - low res wix_edited.jpg

Paintings, drawings & digital art

This series explores my feelings without first thinkng about them. I translate feelings into visual art and then find meaning it it. 

About my graphic fine art

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I started painting when I discovered my mothers painting equipment. Ever since then I have been painting and drawing throughout life, through life's changes (see my Biography photo gallery).

Above are a series of my graphic fine art on two dimensional surfaces such as paintings, drawings and digital art. I plan to make them available for sale in the form of originals, prints and NFT art (non-fungible token art). 

Learn more about my graphic fine art form here.


Michal Plis

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