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Artform - Michal Plis

This is a description of Michal Plis's artform. Artform is the activity or medium similarly regarded as a means for the expression of creative impulses or professional expertise. Artform is based on art movements, styles, structures, standards, and principles. Updated on 30/06/2023

Michal Plis is an artist who delves deep into the realms of emotions, movement, and the natural world, captivating viewers with his mesmerising fluorescent handcrafted creations. With an impeccable command over brushstrokes and a distinctive style, he breathes life into a post-impressionist aesthetic that is exclusively his own. Through the medium of acrylic paintings, mixed media drawings, and captivating tabletop sculptures, Michal's artistic vision takes shape, with future plans to expand his sculptural endeavours into grander commissions.


Constantly pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, Michal Plis is a true pioneer, ceaselessly exploring innovative techniques to enhance his craft. With every stroke of the brush or twist of the sculpting tool, he unveils a universe of evocative imagery that transcends conventional art forms.


Immersing audiences in his creative world, Michal thoughtfully curates exhibitions that aim to provide profound and immersive experiences. His meticulously designed showcases invite spectators to step into a realm where his artworks come alive, allowing them to forge a personal connection with the pieces.


Michal Plis's art is a testament to the power of emotions, the fluidity of movement, and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. Through his captivating works, he invites viewers on a journey of introspection and wonder, creating an enduring impact that resonates long after they leave his exhibitions.

Graphic fine art

Michal's graphic fine artworks encompass a captivating exploration of the two-dimensional realm, primarily employing the mediums of canvas and paper. As an artist, he fearlessly challenges established art movements while simultaneously charting new artistic territories, breathing fresh life into the legacy of contemporary masters. His works exist at the cutting edge of creative expression, characterised by a preference for tangible mediums that allow for hands-on artistic manipulation, as opposed to the digital domain.

In recent years, Michal has rekindled his passion for painting, utilising acrylic paints in conjunction with fluorescent pigments to engender a mesmerising interplay of colours on both canvas and paper surfaces. By embracing the captivating allure of ultraviolet light, these fluorescent acrylic paints introduce an entirely new dimension to his artwork, echoing the enchanting phenomena found in the natural world—fluorescence. Continuously evolving and expanding this expressive form, Michal's works reflect a ceaseless commitment to innovation and self-discovery.


In his drawings, Michal employs a diverse array of mediums such as pencils, pastels, and watercolours, skillfully combining them to create expansive and vibrant depictions of both real and fantastical worlds, emanating from the depths of his imagination. He deftly explores a myriad of subjects, ranging from the ethereal realm of dreams and the profound interplay of emotions translated into colours and movement on the surface, to the infinite expanse of the universe itself. Furthermore, he delves into the realm of the imaginary, conjuring up astonishing visions like colossal space flowers, each imbued with its own fictional narrative.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Michal's exploration extends to the realm of neurodiversity. As a neurodiverse individual, he approaches his artistic expression with a unique perspective, continuously seeking to discover novel techniques and effects that capture the essence of his personal experience.

This unyielding search for innovative means of expression permeates every brushstroke, every line, and every stroke of colour, imbuing his artworks with a depth and authenticity that resonates with viewers on a profound level.

Sculpture art

Michal's talent for sculpture stems from his unique neurodiverse ability to envision three-dimensional structures in his mind before bringing them to life. This remarkable skill is an integral part of his daily creative process.
Recently, he has further honed his abilities, experiencing flash dreams and instant imagery upon waking, which he promptly captures through quick sketches. These envisioned structures serve as the inspiration for his upcoming table-top sculptures, with aspirations of expanding into larger commissions in the future.

Circular geometry, transparency, light, phosphorescence, fluorescence, and metallic forms captivate Michal's artistic focus. In his recent exhibition, "Hidden Becomes Visible," he unveiled "Psalm 92 v5," a wire-based sculpture that incorporated materials such as silicone, wire, and glass.

Continually pushing the boundaries, he strives to craft immersive experiences using these materials and effects. Furthermore, Michal envisions incorporating additional sensory elements like scent and sound to delve deeper into enhancing and enriching the natural experiences available to human perception.

As he prepares for the years ahead, Michal is dedicated to creating a series of table-top sculptures, embarking on a captivating artistic journey that promises to captivate audiences with his innovative and thought-provoking creations. He is open to fully funded commissions to expand his table top sculptures to larger scales such as human size and larger sculptures.

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