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Michal Plis

Crelian Space flower - Michal Plis.jpg

Paintings, drawings & digital art

This series explores flowers close up and combines them with science fiction flowers lifecycle in space. It uses flourescent paint to create daylight & blue/UV light effects.

Paintings, drawings & digital art

This series explores my feelings without first thinking about them. I translate feelings into visual art and then find meaning in it. 

PXL_20240208_044234532~2 - Square - 250px compress compress.jpg

Explore the powerful & emotive graphic fine art & sculptures of Michal Plis, a Polish fine artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Explore hidden worlds of emotion, movement, and nature in Michal's unique style.

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Dear Art lover, 

Contact me about purchasing one of my art or special requests. I can be commissioned to create large scale versions of my sculptures. I do not do commissions for graphic fine art such as paintings and drawings at this stage. 


Dear Gallery, 

I'm open to exhibiting. Look forward to hear from you. 

Dear Curator or Critic or Media, 

If you have any questions or need any more details or content for any art related reason I'm happy to chat. 


I will respond as soon as I can as I may be in the middle of making art 💜

Regards, Michal Plis

Thanks for submitting!

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